Why should I meet with a Financial Coach today?


  • You may have experienced a loss of income
  • You need someone to help you uncover limiting beliefs around money
  • You need a personalized plan based on your situation, not a cookie-cutter solution
  • You feel overwhelmed by money and want to stop worrying about your future
  • You want to create another income stream
  • You want to communicate better with your partner about money
  • You need a spending plan you can stick to
  • You need accountability and someone to talk to about money

Do any of the above reasons sound familiar?  Financial coaches work with clients one-on-one to establish and reach personal financial goals and navigate periods of financial uncertainty. If you are a resident of Oakland or Livingston County and have been impacted by COVID-19, OLHSA's experienced financial coach can help you navigate all of the new changes and planning tools.


Interested in attending a virtual financial workshop? Download the flyers below or check the EVENTS section for an upcoming date:


Contact Kadeja Roberts at kadejar@olhsa.org

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