Water Residential Assistance Program Success Story- WRAP-around services Posted: June 03, 2020

"My name is Mae F. Payton; I came to OLHSA back in December of 2018 for help with my water bill. Prior to my appointment, I owed what I considered a lot of money, on my water bill. It appeared that no matter how much money I paid on my water bill it never seemed to help. I had been stressing over not being able to manage my water bill with my current income and disability. I heard about a water program called Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) and decided to call to get an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I met with Sonya from the Welcome Center at OLHSA whose approach to my financial situation made me feel relaxed and reassured due to her friendly and understanding demeanor. She walked me through the program and what I needed to do in order to get my water bill amount down while in the program. After enrolling in the program, I noticed how fast my water bill balance went down. I was so pleased with the results that while I was waiting at my next appointment, there was a woman in the Welcome Center who was waiting for her water appointment and having concerns regarding the program. I informed her about my experience with the program and how it got me back on track with my water bill along with my struggles in trying to maintain the monthly charges. I also explained how I ended up with a credit on my account to which helped me out tremendously. She seemed quite pleased with the outcome of the program as she got up to get a WRAP flyer. Since then, I have told my family and friends about the WRAP program and what impact it made on my life financially. I am patiently looking forward to getting back on the WRAP program for a second successful year. Thank you OLHSA for all you have done and will continue to do to assist me with helping to meet my financial obligations."

In addition, OLHSA was able to assist Ms. Payton with an online State Emeergency Relief (SER) application and referr her to the Weatherization Assistance Program to help lower her energy bills.

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