Walk for Warmth helps local father Posted: January 06, 2017 Updated: January 06, 2017

DaleFor single father, Dale Fracassi, providing a stable life for his daughter has always been a high priority. But in the spring of 2015 an unexpected cancer diagnosis brought a level of uncertainty that made him question what the future looked like for his family.

In the months following his initial diagnosis, Fracassi began the intense chemotherapy needed to treat his stage 4 lymphoma. The treatments began to take a toll and his ability to work declined. With limited income and the colder months on the horizon, he began to worry about maintaining a safe, warm home for himself and his daughter. It was that concern that brought him to OLHSA.

From the moment Fracassi began working with Tammy Shire, Elaine Pohl and Doreen Messner at OLHSA’s Livingston office, the weight on his shoulders seemed lighter.  The OLHSA team eased his fears by coordinating rent assistance and arranging for OLHSA to pay his December 2015 DTE bill out of Walk for Warmth funds. His family stayed warm and he was able to focus on healing.

When speaking of his experience, Fracassi shared...

"I don’t know where my daughter and I would be without the kindness of everyone that supports OLHSA’s work. I will be forever grateful for the help that we received during an incredibly difficult time."

As of the fall of 2016 Fracassi’s life has a much rosier outlook. After a hard fight, he emerged victorious and is now cancer-free. He is back to working full time as a landscaper and spends as much time as possible with his daughter.

Every year, Walk for Warmth funds allow OLHSA to help families like the Fracassis.

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