Teachers get to be students too. OLHSA Head Start Assistant Teacher: Rafia Ahmed Posted: August 25, 2019

Rafia Ahmed, Assistant Teacher

Teachers get to be students too.

Earlier in my teaching career, I taught social studies to second graders. I wanted to do something similar here. I have a master’s degree in history, but I couldn’t find a position that would accept my foreign credentials. I began working as a volunteer in a school while I worked on my Child Development Associate degree.


After I received the credential, I saw the opportunity to teach with OLHSA Head Start and I applied for it. I’ve been here for two years as an assistant, and it’s my dream. I love the kids, and I feel very supported. I love planning lessons with the lead teacher and discussing plans for the classroom.


I also enjoy the opportunity to work with low-income families. Before OLHSA, if I saw a family that needed assistance, I wouldn’t know where to go or how to help them. OLHSA provides resources beyond the classroom to help families that are really in need. 


OLHSA has also helped me to improve my skills and techniques in the classroom. It provides learning opportunities and resources that help me grow. I can be a student too!