Spotlight on Weatherization Posted: October 08, 2012

Weatherization is just one of the many services OLHSA provides to its clients while working to empower them. Weatherization works to improve the energy efficiency of a client’s home and make their energy expenses more affordable.

Service provided varies but can range from more energy efficient light bulbs, CFLs, to new appliances and windows. These changes can make the difference of food on the table or going hungry for some families in the cold winter months.

As winter approaches as well as an election, the lack of funding for Weatherization has been in the spotlight among many. recently featured an article and documentary on the importance of Weatherization in America. Find it here or watch the documentary below.

Remember October is Weatherization Month and OLHSA is celebrating tomorrow at Oxford Square Apartments by showcasing some of Weatherization’s newest green technologies. Learn more about the event here. We would love to see you!