Revive Pontiac beautifies communities and supports workforce development Posted: May 25, 2016 Updated: May 26, 2016

OLHSA is excited to announce a new deconstruction program and social enterprise, Revive Pontiac, which began this spring. Revive Pontiac focuses on the deconstruction of structures that are vacant, dilapidated and slated for demolition. The demolition of these homes is an important step toward beautifying the community, but Revive Pontiac’s efforts also focus on salvaging items from the structures, with the ultimate goal of repurposing and reselling them. Revive Pontiac team members will take salvaged items from deconstructed structures and turn them into beautiful pieces of artwork, furniture and more. Those items will be resold to sustain the program and to continue to revitalize communities. Check back for more information on our website , coming soon! 

The program’s mission is to revitalize communities with deconstruction projects, acquired through local partnerships, that will reduce blight and repurpose salvaged materials. All profits made through Revive Pontiac will help fund the services that OLHSA provides to our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Revive Pontiac is currently funded through a grant awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  

The program will also create sustainable job opportunities to low-income individuals in Pontiac and outlying areas. Participants will complete a classroom/certification training component combined with hands-on deconstruction work, thanks to our partnership with Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit. Supportive services through OLHSA will also be offered to program participants, including financial education, access to family programs, such as Head Start, skills training, and more.

OLHSA wants to thank our community partners who have made this program possible and will help us to beautify our community and help those in need, including the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the City of Pontiac, the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office, and Representative Tim Greimel. For more information visit, coming soon.