Past Walk for Warmth t-shirts donated to children in Africa Posted: August 24, 2015

Every February, OLHSA’s Walk for Warmth helps thousands of members in the community by keeping their homes warm during the frigid winter months. Residents of Livingston and Oakland Counties benefit from the Walk for Warmth as funds are donated to the Emergency Utility Assistance Program. This year, over 100 t-shirts leftover from past Walk for Warmth events were donated to students in Gambia, West Africa at the Bijilo Lower Basic School.  This opportunity came about from an OLHSA staff member, Fatima Drammeh. She is from the region in Africa were the school is located and she wanted to give back to her community. We jumped on the idea of giving the extra shirts to those in need at the school and she was able to ship them over. Fatima had the pleasure of visiting the school and seeing the children’s reaction to the shirts. We are so excited we had the opportunity to spread OLHSA love to these students!