OLHSA's 2016 Annual Report is here! Posted: July 20, 2017

It’s here! OLHSA’s 2016 Annual Report is ready.

What a year OLHSA had. In 2016, we served 22,164 clients, while providing 209,245 services. We must truly thank every person who made this year so successful. 

Behind a newly refined mission of empowering families and communities to gain the knowledge, skills and resources needed to improve their quality of life, OLHSA has continued to work towards breaking the cycle of poverty.  

The theme to this year’s annual report is voices of Community Action. Our CEO Susan Harding notes in her CEO address, “There are many voices to be heard in our line of work: voices of our staff members who show compassion and enthusiasm each day while improving people’s lives; voices of partner organizations who can bolster the impact of the work we do; and voices of politicians and business leaders who have the power and funds to drive meaningful change.”

Susan goes on to explain that though these voices matter, the most important voice is that of the clients we serve. To read more, and learn about what we accomplished as an organization in 2016, check out our newly published 2016 Annual Report here.