OLHSA sold Ferndale building, South Oakland services relocate Posted: November 21, 2012

OLHSA’s Ferndale building has been sold.  After a few years on the market, OLHSA is happy to announce that we now have the opportunity to improve the way we help our clients by moving to various locations around Ferndale.  Ferndale is a walkable community, and now clients have access to OLHSA at more than one location – a fact that we hope will help more people in need reach our doorstep.  As we often do, we are partnering with other local nonprofits to help serve our clients as best we can.

Over the next couple weeks services at OLHSA’s building at 345 E. Nine Mile Rd will wind down, as the new locations ramp up.  The Women Infants and Children program will remain at the old building through the end of the year.  OLHSA’s services will soon be available at the following locations:

  • Accounting Aid Society at 1956 Hilton Road will offer OLHSA’s full array of Welcome Center services as of December 1, 2012.  Residents who have fallen on hard times can visit this office to discover all the ways OLHSA can help them create a path for success.
  • Renaissance Vineyard Church at 1841 Pinecrest Drive will become OLHSA’s food assistance hub in Ferndale.  Emergency food assistance will be available, along with a client-choice pantry where residents can play an active part in choosing their own food.  This location will be up and running by January 2013.
  • Office space at 3029 Hilton Road will house OLHSA’s WIC Program beginning late January 2013. 

 Being there for our clients in our number one priority, and improving their lives is always our first goal.  The old building just wasn’t the best fit for us.  Now we can look to the future and are free to develop even better ways of helping people and changing lives.