OLHSA changed my life. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Felicia Robinson Posted: October 28, 2019 Updated: October 28, 2019

Felicia Robinson, Infant/Toddler Teacher

OLHSA changed my life.











I was going to school to study medicine, but I wanted more experience working in an urban area. This teaching job was posted on OLHSA online and seemed like it would be a good opportunity. I started in September and have decided I want to stay in early childhood education. OLHSA helped me earn my Child Development Associate credential. I plan to go back to school this fall to get my Bachelor’s  degree in early childhood education.

I had worked in caregiving before, so this is similar in terms of helping people with their day-to-day needs. In addition to teaching the kids new things every day, I learn things every day, too. I learn more about the human experience watching them. Teaching makes me realize how a lot of things that we know as adults had to be learned.

We have teaching partners—two teachers who are on the same level helping each other in the classroom. I’ve learned a lot from my partner and more than I would have learned in another position. Additionally, there’s a lot of support staff—family advocates, our education manager, and others—who work with us to help our children and families as well as make sure the teachers are aware of different policies and opportunities.

OLHSA is motivated to help their employees move ahead. They offer benefits to help us advance our education—I’m using that. They provide financial assistance. This is going to help me move ahead in terms of education and compensation. I really appreciate that. OLHSA offers several other services to the community. Even before I was an employee, I attended their home buyer's education class, which helped me get my house in 2016.

OLHSA helps people and changes lives. I definitely feel like I’m a part of that. They’ve helped change my life.

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