OLHSA and Transforming Pontiac Now provide hope for the city Posted: September 26, 2012

While OLHSA continues to help our friends and neighbors, we realize that we can’t do it alone. That’s why there are other local organizations we partner with to achieve our mission of helping people and changing lives. These organizations are working just as hard to strengthen the community, and we would like to take the time to recognize one of them.

Transforming Pontiac Now (TPN) is a new non-profit making waves with their vision of creating a better, more efficient city. Formed in 2011 and led by Pastor John E. Smith Jr., TPN is comprised of concerned citizens who want to generate positive change for the city of Pontiac. Their vision of “a community united, embracing, understanding, functioning and walking together in love” is leading them down the path to developing a brighter future for the city.

TPN divides the needs of the city into 14 different focus areas that are led by teams. These focus areas include employment, education, health/nutrition, housing, youth and seniors. The teams take to the streets and work to get the positive and negative assessments from the residents of Pontiac in order to begin building a plan to implement change.

What TPN has found from residents is that they want organizations and agencies to meet them in the community and provide services that are easily accessible and beneficial to them. TPN is doing their part by reaching out to the people during events to bring services, non-profits and resources to the city of Pontiac.

Many of the programs and services OLHSA provides facilitate TPN in their mission of helping the city shine. We assist our neighbors in Pontiac everyday with resources such as early childhood development, senior services, affordable housing, food assistance and energy assistance programs.

OLHSA and TPN don’t do these things on their own either. We have combined forces in the past to hold a block party and clean up Baldwin Park. We have also worked together, along with Lighthouse of Oakland County and other community partners to host a Back to School event for the residents of Pontiac.

Like OLHSA, Transforming Pontiac Now works hard to improve the quality of life for those who are facing crisis.

You can learn more about Transforming Pontiac Now by visiting their website here.