OLHSA’s summer food program serves more than thirty thousand meals in 2015 Posted: October 07, 2015 Updated: October 07, 2015

This summer OLHSA teamed up with United Way of Southeastern Michigan to promote healthy living among children and individuals with disabilities in Pontiac through the Meet Up and Eat Up program.

With the primary focus on making fresh, nutritious food choices easily accessible, OLHSA provided meals at a total of 37 locations. Breakfasts and lunches were available at seven sites that included that included Bray Temple, Jefferson Academy, Michigan School for the Arts, Pontiac Academy for Excellence, Pontiac Public Library, Walton Park Manor and Woodside Bible Church. New to the program this year were the lunches available at 30 stops across two mobile routes.

With such widespread and easy access, participants received a total of 10,491 meals at stationary sites and 20,366 at mobile locations. Lunches served at stationary sites rose 33 percent from 2014, indicating more of the people who need the help are finding their way to OLHSA.

The program didn’t stop at supplying meals to participants, it also focused on providing fitness opportunities, community relations and education to them and their caregivers. Every day volunteers rallied children together for fun exercise activities that included games of catch, hula hooping and obstacle courses. They also provided tips on how to continue implementing healthy lifestyle changes past the end of the program. With a common bond connecting them, participants, caregivers, volunteers and staff came together in the community through the program.

For more information about the Meet Up and Eat Up program, visit http://liveunitedsem.org/pages/meet-up-and-eat-up.