OLHSA’s Head Start Connections/Father Factor program expands to Cotton and Parnell correctional facilities Posted: March 05, 2015

OLHSA’s Head Start Connections/Father Factor program, which currently serves incarcerated parents in Oakland County Jail and more recently the Macomb Prison, has expanded to Cotton and Parnell Correctional Facilities. The program helps incarcerated parents maintain relationships with their children through educational activities as well as through other special events, such as birthday parties and other educational events.

The goal of the program is to promote positive interaction between incarcerated parents and their children. It introduces parents and their children to the positive aspects of learning that will assist the child now and later in school.  During the course of the program, incarcerated parents meet with their child biweekly inside the facility where OLHSA’s staff provides educational activities for the children and support for the parents in their parenting roles. Through the program, staff is also able to assist families with other services they may need and that are provided by OLHSA, including any other re-unification or re-entry programs for incarcerated parents.

OLHSA is excited about the expansion of the program and appreciative of the support from the facilities. The success of the program continues to grow and we are fortunate to have these services available to members of our community.