Oakland Walk for Warmth success story - The Dziadosz family Posted: January 27, 2016 Updated: January 27, 2016

Beginning in September 2014 Matthew Dziadosz and his husband William entered into one of the most challenging years of their lives. That month Matthew was admitted into the hospital when he began experiencing liver problems. Throughout the next six months he would endure a series of health difficulties including liver failure, kidney failure, a massive blood clot and an appendix surgery. In March 2015, as Matthew’s health had finally reached a stable place and he was able to return home, the Dziadosz family was shaken again with the news that Matthew’s mother was terminally ill.  From that time until her death in September 2015 being by her side was the highest priority for Matthew and William. 

With multiple family members struggling with health issues, the Dziadoszs’ income was also suffering. When their furnace broke they worried how their family would survive the frigid winter temperatures. In January 2015 the Dziadoszs contacted OLHSA to see if the agency could alleviate some of the burden they were facing. Client service specialists at the Pontiac office collaborated and were able to provide the family utility assistance through various OLHSA resources. By paying the Dziadoszs’ January and March DTE bills and a Consumers Energy bill in April, OLHSA was able to ensure they had heat in their home, thus allowing them to focus on Matthew’s recovery and caring for his mother. 

When the weather began to improve so did the Dziadoszs’ physical and financial situations as Matthew steadily became stronger and received approval for Social Security disability benefits. As of November 2015 they are in a good place. William is now working at local auto parts store and Matthew, being in better health, is giving back to OLHSA by volunteering his time at the nonprofit.

Matthew said, “I am so thankful for the support OLHSA was able to provide my family during a time when we had serious life-changing matters going on. It was incredibly comforting to know that the staff was willing to do everything in their power to help ease our minds and remind us we were not alone.” 

To help families like the Dziadoszs, sign up for the 2016 Oakland Walk for Warmth at www.crowdrise.com/WalkforWarmthOakland2016