Nonprofit partnership continues to build a better Metro Detroit Posted: December 20, 2012

“The Word ‘Detroit’ Replaces the Word ‘Awesome’ in English Dictionary”

“Local Cap & Gown Manufacturers Prosper As Graduation Rates Skyrocket”

“No Bad News Left to Report in Greater Detroit”


You may not have seen any of these headlines in your local newspaper yet, but if the United Way for Southeastern Michigan has their way, these fictional headlines will become reality.

The United Way for Southeastern Michigan has made it their goal to make our area among the top 5 places to live and work in the country by the year 2030. OLHSA and UWSEM are working together to accomplish this goal through education, financial stability and health programs empowering the low-income to succeed.

OLHSA and the United Way’s partnership should come as no surprise, given the way our missions blend so seamlessly together. Through OLHSA’s many different programs, we help reduce the causes and effects of poverty and provide educational and economic resources to increase self-sufficiency. By offering these programs to our low-income clients, OLHSA answers the call of what the United Way identifies as their “building blocks for a good quality of life”: education, income and basic needs.

Over the past several years, OLHSA and the United Way have worked to support each other through various funding opportunities.  Most recently, OLHSA campaigned with United Way for their mission of “mobilizing the caring power of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan to improve communities and individual lives in measurable and lasting ways." Through the generosity of the OLHSA staff, a total of $6,327 was committed to this campaign, ensuring a greater impact of our shared visions of social change in the community.

We are proud to continue this valuable partnership with the United Way. By working together, we are building a better future for our friends and neighbors in the surrounding communities.

For more information about the United Way for Southeastern Michigan and their mission, click here.