Livingston Walk for Warmth success story - The Watt family Posted: January 27, 2016

In December 2014 Cathey and William Watt found themselves in a place they had never been before, one where they were unsure of their futures. That month William, a typically healthy man and the sole provider for the family, suddenly fell ill with heart issues that put him in the hospital and out of work for nearly four months. At the same time, Cathey was taking a break from working to focus her time on caring for her mother-in-law. With no income and medical bills piling up, the Watts began to fear how their family would survive the winter with no heat in their home.

Despite her initial hesitations, Cathey decided to contact OLHSA in January 2015 to see if they could provide her with the help her family needed and they were connected with Tammy Shire at the Livingston office. Shire helped ease the Watts’ fears when she arranged for OLHSA to pay their January 2015 DTE bill. In May 2015, the Watts were able to return to a place they much prefer, one of self-sufficiency. William’s health had reached a stable place and he was able to return to work as a truck driver. The Watts also decided to place William’s mother in an adult day service during working hours, thus allowing Cathey to secure a new position as an administrative assistant/case manager at a local medical facility. 

Cathey said, “With assistance from OLHSA my family was able to weather a season of uncertainty and for that we will be forever grateful.”

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