Linda Sadlier Celebrates 40th Anniversary with OLHSA Posted: February 28, 2014

Many special people work for OLHSA, but Linda Sadlier has gone above and beyond when it comes to dedication. This past February, Linda celebrated her 40th anniversary as an OLHSA employee.

Linda started as a Clerk Typist when OLHSA was located in the West Oakland Field Office in Walled Lake. She was in the Community and Family Services Department and at that time she was only making $2 per hour.

Some of her memorable moments include when OLHSA started a huge food co-op program in West Oakland in 1974. She also remembers when the state first started The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and clients called it the “cheese program” because they received a five pound block of cheese. Another one of her fondest memories is setting up and assisting at the annual volunteer brunches the agency held. In 2003, Linda was named Employee of the Year at the agency’s annual training.

Her favorite part of working at OLHSA is the staff. She feels they are always friendly, caring and willing to help anyone whenever possible.

“Linda has been an irreplaceable asset to this agency throughout her 40 years,” said Ron Borngesser, OLHSA CEO. “We are all appreciative of her hard work and dedication to supporting OLHSA’s mission.”

Currently, Linda works in OLHSA’s finance department as the business manager. OLHSA is proud of Linda and all of her hard work and glad to have her as part of the team.
Linda Sadlier