This job is a blessing. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Iliana Garcia. Posted: October 14, 2019 Updated: October 14, 2019

Iliana Garcia, Infant/Toddler Teacher

This job is a blessing.












I have always been a teacher and have worked with children from kindergarten through high school. A couple of years after I moved here from El Salvador, a relative who works at OLHSA told me about the teaching opportunities. I wanted to work with little kids and quickly applied.

This job is a blessing for me. There is so much support to improve my skills and learning new ones. OLHSA helped me get my Child Development Associate credential. We can also continue our own education with financial assistance from OLHSA.

I’ve taught children of all ages and I love working with infants and toddlers. We get to see how quickly they learn and change and grow—from babies, to using their little fingers, to walking and talking. It’s an amazing time. I feel responsible for helping to mold and shape them along with their parents. Also, at OLHSA, we help so many families from different countries and cultures. It’s interesting because we’re learning from their families and their families learn from us.

I adore working my teaching partner. We help each other out—from being with the children to getting our paperwork done. We’re a good team and have great fun with the kids. OLHSA supports the child and their family. We have programs to help parents with any need—from diapers to job training. Whatever the family’s needs are, OLHSA tries to help. I know I can reach out to a family advocate or the education manager and connect parents to the right people who will help them.It’s wonderful.

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