I have a career now. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Jessica Espinoza Posted: September 30, 2019 Updated: October 03, 2019

Jessica Espinoza, Infant/Toddler Teacher

I have a career now.














I started as a parent, worked as a volunteer, then as a classroom aide. Now I’m a teacher. My child’s teacher got me thinking about a career in early childhood education. I wanted to work but was frustrated looking for a job that wouldn’t require a babysitter for my kids. I was already volunteering in the classroom, so it didn’t take me long to decide to pursue employment with OLHSA Head Start. 


I’m in the process of getting my Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. It’s online, so I can do the coursework whenever I have time. Because I have three kids, I do it mostly at night when they're sleeping. OLHSA is helping me through the whole process—from financial assistance to mentors who help me stay on track. OLHSA helps teachers with their education up to a bachelor’s degree. I hope to at least get my associate's degree in early childhood education.


I’m bilingual—I speak Spanish—and that has helped a lot with some of our students. I like working with them to get them open to learning more English. 


What I like most about working at OLHSA is the connection with the kids. Sometimes I have my personal stuff going on, but the kids come in all happy and it just brightens my day. I love how we greet them. When they come in, we hold them or give them a hug or high-five—whatever they want. It’s great knowing that they are comfortable with us.


I’ve had jobs before—something that would get me by income wise. Now I can say that I have a career and OLHSA Head Start made this happen for me. I see great things for me with this organization— a great beginning for my family and me.

 Apply at www.olhsa.org/careers.