History lives through new library in Livingston County Posted: August 27, 2012

Big things are happening in one of our favorite Livingston County small towns.  The Village of Pinckney, which has charmed residents and passers-through alike since 1827, is getting a new, bigger, better library.


Since 1986 the Pinckney Public Library has operated out of a building too small to fit the lofty ambitions of students, book-lovers and community members.  Last summer, with visions of expansion and grand adventures dancing through their dreams, library leaders were successful in passing a millage to support construction of a new library.  This goes to show you how generous community members in Pinckney are, giving more when there are so many demands on family income these days.


The new library will stand on the site of the original Pinckney High School.  Built in the late 1800s it was the first brick building in the Village of Pinckney, and library developers are seeing that the history lives on.  Design for the new library will echo the old high school’s façade and other elements.  Many additions and renovations throughout the years, to suit various community needs, left the site looking far different than when originally constructed.  The new library design will bring the building full circle, to help the history live on in this 21st century development.


According to Hope Siasoco, library director, the building will be complete by late fall of this year.  It will be 14,000 square feet in total, 1,000 square feet of which will be open for community use.  Meetings, art shows, fundraisers and more will be welcome at the Pinckney Library.  Rest assured OLHSA will certainly take advantage of that offer.  The library’s location in south Livingston County will offer OLHSA opportunity to connect with even more potential clients and supporters.


OLHSA’s Livingston team members, and everyone at OLHSA, congratulate the Pinckney Library on this exciting project.  We can’t wait to visit!  To track progress of the library, visit the Pinckney Community Public Library on Facebook.