Health and Wellness the OLHSA way Posted: August 19, 2015 Updated: August 19, 2015

What makes a workplace truly focused on health and wellness? At OLHSA, the answer is our people. Those who make up our team, who help people and change lives daily, and who keep this ship running, are why we strive to have a healthy workplace. It’s for them.

We initiate programs that are fun and offer support for everyone’s fitness and health journeys. Our benefits are generous and affordable. Friendly and encouraging reminders around the workplace nudge us to take the stairs and even what’s in our vending machine has gotten a makeover.

A Health and Wellness committee with representation from all areas of OLHSA brings inspiring and healthy speakers and programs to the rest of the OLHSA team. Favorites include:

  •  Angus Williams, who comes to us as a physical therapist and health expert. He regularly attends our Health and Wellness Committee meetings and offers lunch and learns to our staff on subjects such as exercising at work and proper exercising techniques. He also attends our staff conferences and helped map out an OLHSA walk we had along the Clinton River Trail.
  •  The committee meets frequently to brainstorm health and wellness ideas for our staff. They talk about things such as how to improve our on-site gym, as well as research opportunities in the community that can help support our internal health initiatives. 
  •  “The Biggest Loser” programs internally with staff, including (private) weigh-ins, challenges and prizes. The program has been running since 2008!
  • Walk/Run events are hosted by OLHSA or employees are informed of local events happening in the community and encouraged to sign up. Our new kitchen gives us the capability to host cooking classes to try healthier techniques and flavors, with recipes to take home.
  •  A healthy option vending machine featuring healthy beverages and nutritious snacks.

Health and wellness is important for our clients as well as our employees. Through the Help With Health Insurance program we are able to connect uninsured or under-insured families with a health insurance plan that’s right for them. Over the last two years OLHSA has helped over 1,200 people to obtain health insurance, with the majority enrolling in The Healthy Michigan Plan, Michigan’s expanded Medicaid program.

It is a large commitment to put health and wellness first. It’s not always the easy choice, but it is always best. These efforts are worth is because our people are worth it.