Head Start Learns Healthy Eating with Regie Rainbow Posted: February 28, 2014 Updated: February 28, 2014

OLHSA’s Head Start grantee, delegate and home based programs have been using the Reggie‘s Rainbow Adventure educational program.  The program, which is fully funded by the National Kidney Foundation, was developed to educate children on how to eat healthy and increase their physical activity on a daily basis.

Regie is a full-sized stalk of broccoli and he travels through a set of islands eating fruits, vegetables and exercising.  The end result is that he becomes a super hero.  The kids learn about Regie through a series of seven books. Parent volunteers also dress up as Regie to create even more excitement. What a great role model for the kids!

Each week the children focus on a different color of the rainbow. By relating the colors of the rainbow, students learn to incorporate healthy eating in a creative way that is easy for them to understand.  Teachers develop their lesson plans to include health, math, rhyming, reading comprehension, writing and physical activity.  Foods the children and teachers taste include mangoes, red grapefruits, yellow tomatoes, and more. Family participation is also part of the program and each week the child brings home a copy of the story with a fun activity that can be done together.