Head Start creates pathways to successful future for low-income preschoolers Posted: February 14, 2013

Those with young children know the importance of education and the direct impact it has on their child’s potential to succeed in life. That’s why OLHSA and Head Start are committed to providing the foundational steps for parents to make a solid investment in their children’s future.

Head Start began in 1965 as a federally-funded preschool program and has impacted approximately 30 million low-income and at-risk children in the United States. OLHSA’s Head Start programs serve children of families living in Oakland County who don’t have access to traditional preschool programs. Each year, OLHSA teaches and enhances the lives of 1,601 children enrolled in 18 locations throughout the county.

Education is not the only focus of OLHSA’s Head Start program. Medical, dental, mental and nutritional services are provided in order to give children a positive and healthy advantage. Parental involvement is also strongly encouraged in order to strengthen families. Parents can participate in administrative decisions and workshops held throughout the year to learn educational activities that can be conducted at home.

With a vision of preparing today’s children to succeed in tomorrow’s world, OLHSA’s Head Start program commits itself to providing students with the skills and competencies necessary to enter kindergarten and continue a lifetime of positive growth and development.

For more information about OLHSA’s Early Childhood programs, click here. You can also check out a short video from the First Five Years Fund that highlights the importance of Head Start programs to at-risk children and cautions what valuable resources could be lost if funding was ever reduced at the federal level.