FAQ About Coaching

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Please click here for an FAQ guide about the OLHSA CARES Finanical Coaching program.

All serious applicants may direct any questions to kadejar@olhsa.org

If you are eligible for coaching, you will receive a Welcome Packet and directions on how to schedule your first session!


Mr. Jackson met with an OLHSA financial coach during COVID-19.  A young divorced father with shared custody of two children, Mr. Jackson needed to be sure to maintain safe and appropriate housing for his family.  When he was laid off from his job in the automotive industry at the beginning  of the pandemic lockdown, he cut back on spending but struggled to keep up his rent.  Even when he started back to work in late summer, he knew his income would not cover his expenses.  Working with his financial coach, Mr. Jackson learned that "affordable" housing is generally considered to be not more than 30% of monthly income.  His current apartment was taking 56% of his income.  Having a high housing cost burden was preventing him from being able to save and plan for a secure future.  Mr. Jackson worked with his coach to revise his budget and make a plan to find safe and affordable housing quickly.  In less than two months, Mr. Jackson found a large apartment in a neighborhood him and his children liked, all while spending only 29% of his income on rent.  "I am grateful for the time invested working with my financial coach.  I feel so relieved that I can now provide a better life and future for my children."