Faces of Success: Alisha Holland - Mother, employee, & community spark Posted: February 27, 2020 Updated: February 27, 2020

Twelve years ago, Alisha found herself in a place where no mother wants to be, needing safety and security for her children and herself.  She had to flee an unsafe domestic situation of violence with her two young kids while pregnant.  With just a backpack of supplies, they took a bus from Detroit back to her home town of Pontiac to make a fresh start.

Alisha had many sleepless nights as she struggled to get back on her feet.  She had constant worry about having shelter and enough food to keep her family healthy.  One day her friend told her about a pre-school her son was attending at OLHSA that had an amazing supportive team.  Alisha set up an appointment to see if OLHSA could assist her family.  She was surprised by all the wraparound services OLHSA provided to help her family thrive.  “OLHSA did a lot for us. You name it, they did it.”

OLHSA's Utility Assistance, WIC, and Head Start programs helped Alisha to have warm and safe housing, healthy food, and quality early education for her family. “OLHSA helped so much when I was struggling by providing amazing support, connecting me to resources, and assisting with utility needs as I got into my new home.  It was just what my family needed, everything started from my experience at OLHSA.  I would not be where I am today without their help.”

Currently Alisha is continuing to raise her family, working as a general manager at a local food chain, and is a great community spark.  If anyone needs assistance, she sends to OLHSA, so we can partner with them and they can thrive like Alisha.  “OLHSA does so much for the community and now I’m finally in a position where I can give back.”  She recently nominated OLHSA to receive donations from the McDonald’s grand opening where she's a manager.  Alisha says she “feels blessed” nowadays and so do we at OLHSA to work with people like Alisha!


One way to give back to those in need is to donate to OLHSA's Walk for Warmth. The walks raise funds for OLHSA’s Emergency Utility Assistance Program, which helps keep local residents safe and comfortable in their homes. Learn more and donate here: www.olhsa.org/walk4warmth.