Success Stories

Venture, Inc.

Charmell Hancock had given up hope of finding a low-cost home that fit her specifications. After living in Detroit and being unhappy with the home she was in, she decided to pursue something better.

That’s when she heard about Venture, Inc., a housing subsidiary of OLHSA that builds and sells quality affordable homes to low-income homebuyers. At first it seemed too good to be true, but after talking with Venture, Inc. employees she realized her dreams were coming true. She even began decorating the house in her mind before she moved in.

Charmell currently resides in the home she purchased through Venture in Royal Oak Township with her 5 year old son, Chaz, and she couldn’t be happier. The house has all of the requirements she wanted and fits perfectly within her budget. She loves the amount of space the house has, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and her son enjoys the giant backyard. She was also impressed that the house came with new appliances including a stove, refrigerator and a dishwasher.

Charmell is comfortable in her neighborhood and happy with her decision to purchase the home. She is grateful to Venture, Inc. for helping her find her dream home and she encourages others to take advantage of the program should other houses be available.

OLHSA knows the struggle of finding affordable housing that is comfortable and attractive. Venture, Inc. was founded by OLHSA to offer beautiful homes at an affordable price. Venture, Inc. believes that homeownership should be a reality for residents with all income levels. The program is dedicated to building quality, energy-efficient affordable homes mainly in Royal Oak Township and Pontiac.

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