Success Stories


OLHSA was the recipient of the Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers (SERC) Grant in 2011 in the amount of $3.765 million.  In an effort to provide relief to our energy resources and assist residents throughout Oakland and Livingston counties, OLHSA researched homes throughout both counties to determine the homes that would receive the greatest benefit from these new solar technologies.  With the following products, OLHSA has been able to provide these households the ability to reduce their current utility bills by at the least, 1/3 annually depending on the technology used. 

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • Thermal Hot Air and Water Systems
  • Hybrid Water Heaters

In addition to single family homes, multi-unit apartments were also considered as a recipient.   Following an overall site assessment of the property, it was determined that Oxford Square Apartments located in Oakland County would be an excellent candidate for these products due to the following criteria:

  • This property consisted of 3 separate buildings with 2 buildings housing 4 units each and the last building housing 2 apartments and a shared laundry facility. 
  • Each apartment had approximately 650 sq. ft. of living space
  • All utilities operate on electric only. 
  • There is no gas service to this property. 
  • The majority of the residents are senior citizens living on a fixed income.

An analysis of the utility cost and total watts used for one full year was conducted by our team.  Overall, the building pictured used 33,679 total watts with a cost of $4,290.90 for the 4 residents in that building. 

The SERC team knew improvements to those figures using new technologies were possible. The photos show the newly installed Solar Photovoltaic panels and Thermal Hot Air Systems. The installation of these two technologies has reduced the electrical usage and cost to the residents and improved their quality of life.