Success Stories


Early Head Start Teacher and Community Advocate: Ivory Williams

Ivory Williams, an OLHSA Early Head Start Teacher, is also a community advocate and a caring mom.  Her children have and currently attend OLHSA’s Head Start program.  Ivory appreciates the…


Elaine Goes Above and Beyond to Help

Meet Elaine, an OLHSA Welcome Center Client Service Coordinator.  She goes above and beyond to make sure anyone who reaches out to her from Livingston or Oakland County feels safe and supported.<…


He Served Our Country, Now He Serves Our Community

“Every time I see one of our country’s service people I thank them and I thank all their family members for supporting them during their time away in service and for all that extra support they…


Venture, Inc.

Charmell Hancock had given up hope of finding a low-cost home that fit her specifications. After living in Detroit and being unhappy with the home she was in, she decided to pursue something…


A Close Knit Group

For over 15 years OLHSA’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) has provided services to grandparents who are raising grandchildren in the Oakland County area. Program services include workshops…


From Client to Employee

From client to employee, Rickey Brown has had many successes through OLHSA.

Rickey discovered OLHSA through the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI) and Department of Justice…