Success Stories

From Client to Employee

From client to employee, Rickey Brown has had many successes through OLHSA.

Rickey discovered OLHSA through the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative (MPRI) and Department of Justice reentry program while he was incarcerated in 2009. He was in the program for six months and participated in various workshops.

Through the workshops offered by the MPRI, Rickey learned how to build a resume, how to prepare for a job interview, as well as other development skills that would prepare him for his future and for reintegration after being incarcerated. Additionally, he completed an auto mechanics course provided by Oakland Community College (OCC). OLHSA also helped Rickey apply to OCC so he could continue classes once released.

“OLHSA’s programs helped me to become an active member of society,” said Rickey. “I am grateful to OLHSA for helping me become successful and providing me with a job to support my family.”
Rickey was hired as an OLHSA employee in October 2013. As an employee, Rickey does tasks such as yard cleaning and snow removal. He really enjoys giving back to society and helping the elderly clients who can’t do the things for themselves that they would like to.

 “I love getting up early in the morning and being excited to go to work,” said Rickey. “Working for OLHSA has been such a great learning experience and it’s satisfying being able to help others.”
OLHSA is happy to have Rickey and is proud of all his hard work. “We can’t get him to stop working,” said Joan Leshley, Director of Community and Energy Services at OLHSA. “He is a highly motivated individual and has been doing a fantastic job.”

Rickey also has three grandchildren in Head Start and says he can’t believe how smart the program has made them. He says the program has helped his grandchildren with learning colors, numbers, letters and even speech.

Rickey’s future goals are to continue working for OLHSA as well as to finish his auto mechanics degree. Since he has been working, Rickey has still been able to attend Oakland Community College and has four more classes to finish his degree.