Success Stories

Elaine Goes Above and Beyond to Help

Meet Elaine, an OLHSA Welcome Center Client Service Coordinator.  She goes above and beyond to make sure anyone who reaches out to her from Livingston or Oakland County feels safe and supported.

Recently, Elaine met a single, pregnant mom raising 3 young children who was struggling to make ends meet.  This pregnant mom has not been able to work since COVID began because she lacks childcare.  To add to the stress, this family had no electric service in their home for two days due to lack of income and compiling utility arrearages.  Although, this mom had been reaching out for other community supports to assist her, she had not received any contact back about program eligibility.

Elaine stepped in to reach out to her local caseworker to get information about application status, but she also heard nothing back.  Realizing that this mother’s children would be going without internet access for school, along with not having other basic needs met without electricity, Elaine was able to assist her with OLHSA COVID CARES relief funding.  Next she conducted a 3-way call to DTE, along with the mom, to inform them OLHSA had committed to assisting with this family’s electric bills.  Once her electricity was secured, Elaine made sure this family received a resource list that included local agencies, food pantry lists, and information about other supportive OLHSA Programs.   

Are you in need of supportive OLHSA assistance?  Reach out to OLHSA by phone (248)209-2600 or email so a friendly Welcome Center Client Service Coordinator can support you!