Success Stories

A Close Knit Group

For over 15 years OLHSA’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) has provided services to grandparents who are raising grandchildren in the Oakland County area. Program services include workshops, support group meetings and intergenerational activities. These services are made possible through funding provided by the Area Agency on Aging 1-B.
GRG offers interactive workshops on a variety of important topics including health and wellness, parenting, and legal issues. Support groups allow grandparents to meet others like themselves and can relate to the ups and downs of their situation. Intergenerational Activities help grandparents with finding common points of interest with their grandchild, which can be difficult. Registered grandparents can also receive monthly e-mail blasts and mailings containing useful resources that keep them updated.

Kathy Dankert has been part of the GRG program for over nine years and she has raised four grandchildren while in the program. Out of those four she has adopted two, currently ages nine and 13. “I like that the program puts me in touch with grandparents going through the same issues,” said Kathy. “We really are a close knit group and learn from each other’s struggles. The support group aspect of the program has been truly beneficial.”

Kathy has been involved with the fun intergenerational activities over the years. “When the grandparents and grandkids get together, the kids feel that they are not alone in their struggles and gather strength and courage,” said Kathy. “They also develop priceless friendships.”

GRG also participated in the Children’s Holiday Wish program, which provided presents for grandchildren in the program and helped to make their holiday even more special.

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