OLHSA Program Flyers

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Head Start

Head Start is a preschool program that helps young children do well in elementary school. It provides children with learning activities that focus on social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Health, Housing & Nutrition

OLHSA's Health, Housing, and Nutrition program offers vital support to promote well-being and cultivate healthy living environments. Download our flyers to access comprehensive programs and services designed for these purposes.

Older Adult

OLHSA's Older Adult Services include Resource Advocacy for Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP assistance, connecting seniors to community programs. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) program offers free support for grandparents in kinship care in Oakland, Livingston, and Macomb Counties.

Community & Energy Services

OLHSA's Community and Energy Services flyers for Weatherization Assistance and Water Affordability programs. Enhance home efficiency and manage water-related expenses with our support.