Great Start Readiness Progarm (GSRP)

Great Start Readiness Program is a free, high quality preschool program for four year olds in Oakland County. The focus of GSRP is to prepare children to make the most out of their time in school and to give parents the opportunity to actively encourage their children in the academic arena.

Preparing Children

The GSRP uses the High Scope curriculum to help children develop a strong interest in learning. Sparking an active interest in their own education at an early age serves children well in their future school careers. There is a maximum of eight children for every one adult in the classroom in order to ensure maximum interaction between teachers and children. Ages and Stages Questionnaires and Child Observation Records are used to keep track of each child’s developmental progress.

COVID-19 Response Plan and Continued Education

The goal of a Continuity of Learning Plan and COVID-19 Response Plan is to ensure that OLHSA is providing, to the best of its ability, each student with alternative modes of instruction to help them stay on pace in their learning. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution; multiple means of engaging students and supporting families may be necessary that may vary by grade level, school building, or student population served. OLHSA staff is prepared to provide:
  1. Alternative modes of instruction other than in-person instruction
  2. Weekly communication via phone, text, and e-mail
  3. Assistance in creating routines for learning an play for families in whatever way works best for them
  4. Additional food assistance to GSRP pupils and their families through Gleaners Community Food Bank
  5. Mental health support for GSRP pupils and their families affected by COVID-19 

Parental Involvement

GSRP actively involves parents in their children’s education. Parents can join the Parent Advisory Committee, attend parenting workshops, and help set up child's classroom. The program also lets them be more directly involved: they can read stories to children, work with them on projects, and assist with field trips.

Family Service

Conditions at home can have an impact on how a child learns in the classroom. GSRP offers families individualized assessments to identify needs and community resources that could improve learning outcomes.


Must be a resident of Oakland County
Your child must be four, but not five on or before September 1st of current school year
Must meet income eligibility guidelines, to find out if your family meets the requirements click here.