Community Financial Wellness Activities

Enjoy these financial wellness activities and come back each month for a new one:
Money Personality

What money animal are you?

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Emergency Savings

Here are 38 reasons to have an emergency savings fund of at least $500.  

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The "X" Challenge
Challenge yourself to use a wall calendar and mark "X" on every day you have financial savings. "X" out your new savings strategies, such as reading savings blogs, switching/down sizing subscription service, or zapping an energy vampire.  Learn about energy vampires.

Mid-Year Review

 Take a few minutes to review the financial goals you set back in January.

· Do you have enough money in your emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses?
· Do you know what your biggest financial obstacles are right now?
· Is your credit score helping you?
· Have you looked to save money on insurance or subscription services?
· Do you have a plan in place to start shopping for the holidays or next year’s goals?

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What's your Money Story?

A story you continue to tell yourself that may shape your feelings, actions, and behaviors about money. Sherold Barr shares in her blog that this story can often empower or disempower us. Getting clear about our money story can help us see if it is holding us back from reaching our financial goals. 

To understand your story better, ask yourself these three questions:  

1) What is your earliest memory about money? 

2) What emotions did your family associate with money? 
3) Growing up, can you think of more happy or unhappy memories about money?

Now use this prompt to write or think out how your money story would begin:
My current relationship with money is...

Tax Time Quiz

Prepping your tax return can be a dreaded activity or something you may look forward to each April.  Take this quiz to help reveal your own personal tax-time style!  Click Here

Financial ABC's

Have some fun with these 26 Financial Wellness tips that will help get you prepped for both the school year and managing your finances!  Click Here


Play Bingo each week to see how quickly you can get four in a row, all the while improving your financial wellness.  Click Here