Employees taking strides with OLHSA’s Walking Group Posted: August 27, 2013

OLHSA has been working to improve the health of its employees for some time now. Everyone knows a healthy employee is a happy one! One of our favorite developments is a staff-driven group that came out of our Health and Wellness Committee. The Walking Group has been exercising twice per week (or more!) ever since it started earlier this summer.

Near our central office in Pontiac sits a track. The Walking Group has been gathering to walk to the track and then around it for about an hour at a time.

Thanks to the Oakland County Health Department, who donated prizes, Walking Group members are eligible to win annual park passes to the Oakland County and Metro Parks, Camelback water bottles, pedometers, walking journals, and thermal snack bags. 

Danielle Sparks, a Walking Group participant says, “I think the best feature of it besides the exercise and health component, is the ‘mental health’ relief that comes with being in an office or cubicle all day. Getting outside and walking helps break up the day, and allows people to reset.”

We couldn’t have said it better!