Early Head Start and Head Start 2017-2018 Annual Report Posted: November 03, 2017 Updated: March 28, 2019

It has been an incredible year for our Head Start and Early Head Start programs here at OLHSA. From transitioning from half-day to full-day services to placing second in Discovery Education’s Smart from the Start contest, our Head Start programs have exceeded standards and truly made a difference in the lives of children in Oakland County.

We are proud to report that, as of 2018, OLHSA’s Head Start classrooms are at or above the national average in all areas of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), and that 87 percent of OLHSA’s Head Start four-year-olds have tested developmentally ready for kindergarten, according to Child Observation Record scoring. 

Over the course of the program year, we have held a number of successful events, worked with several wonderful partner organizations and improved the health and wellbeing of over 1,300 children. It has truly been a year to be celebrated, and now, we are excited to share that year with you.


We’re pleased to present our Early Head Start and Head Start Annual Report for 2017-2018.