Do what you dream. OLHSA Head Start Teacher Story: Adriana Amal Posted: July 12, 2019 Updated: July 12, 2019

Adriana Amal, Assistant Teacher

Do what you dream.

When I was little, I would stand in front of the mirror and I would see myself as a teacher. My parents were teachers and it was always something I wanted to do. Day by day, this dream grew inside of me. When I finished high school, I was ready to study to become a teacher. I received a Bachelor’s degree for preschool teaching in my home country of Albania.


 When I moved here, I got a Child Development Associate degree, and started as a substitute teacher at OLHSA. A friend told me about the school because her kids are Head Start students. She told me that the school feels like a family – I quickly learned that she was right! 


 Everyone is very welcoming at OLHSA. Each teaching assistant is paired with a partner, and for me, especially with speaking English as a second language, this was very helpful. I’ve learned so much from my lead teacher. She’s patient, organized and brings new ideas to the classroom. Each teacher has different strengths, so when you have two teachers in the classroom, you play off of each other’s skills and learn from each other. 


 I recently suggested working here to one my other friends who was a teacher for 20 years. She was nervous about getting into the workforce. I told her that OLHSA is a supportive community that goes the extra mile to help you make a smooth transition in the classroom.

 It’s been three years since I became an assistant teacher and it is still my passion. The kids bring me happiness. I go home with a smile and tell my own kids what we did in the classroom. Seeing these children learning and growing every day is everything I always wished for in a career.