Emergency Assistance & 
Emergency Housing

Water Assistance

The  Water Assistance Program provides direct payment assistance for household accounts in arrears or disconnect status, including reconnection fees when service have been disconnected. For households that have had their water disconnected or are facing disconnection, Water Assistance Program funding may pay the full cost that will reconnect or prevent disconnection of service.

Emergency Utility
Assistance Program

Assistance for residents with a utility shut-off or notice of pending utility shut-off.

Homelessness Supports

Homeless Case Management Services (Livingston County Only) are available and provide counseling that identifies and resolves factors causing homelessness. Case management support includes help to find affordable housing and financial assistance to move into a home, and public assistance resources.
Homeless Prevention provides eligible potentially homeless applicants with first month's rent or rental arrearage assistance.
Call (248) 520-9673 or email hara@OLHSA.org for homelessness assistance.  

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