Early Childhood Programs

OLHSA's Early Childhood programs support children fulfilling their potential. Early childhood programs are designed to ensure children and families have access to nutritional, medical, educational, and family supports. We partner with families and medical professionals to improve healthy childhood development outcomes inside and outside the classroom. OLHSA is there to lend a helping hand to parents who are ready to take the initiative in their child’s welfare.
A free service that helps parents make sure their children get what they need during some of the most critical stages of their development.
A free preschool program designed to spark a child’s interest in learning.
A free program for 4 year olds that helps prepare them for their future school career.
Women, Infant, Children (WIC)
Nutritional support, education, and medical screening for pregnant women and very young children.

Community Resources

-Resources for families, educators, and the community gathered by OUPIECE & Pontiac Parent University
-Community resources supporting household needs, employment, and education for individuals and families
-Community Trainings, Webinars, and Events

Financial Literacy & Asset Development

An educational course designed for adults called "Your Money & Your Life". Among the topics covered: Credit, Budgeting and Managing Debt, Avoiding Money Traps, Understanding Taxes, Taking Advantage of Public Benefits, and Using Financial Institutions. 
Foreclosure education and counseling, including information on alternatives to foreclosure. Please download and complete this packet, and make copies of requested documents.
Email documents to or fax to (248) 247-3168
Our Homebuyer's Education classes provide information on budgeting, credit, mortgage approval and mortgage closing. We also offer one-on-one foreclosure and credit counseling services.
Get connected to available programs, educational opportunities, or services to meet your needs. If needs cannot be met at OLHSA, you will receive a warm connection to local agencies for help.
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