Community Ventures provides Flint residents with employment opportunities and support in Livingston County Posted: August 23, 2016

Community Ventures (CV) is an innovative economic development initiative that promotes employment and social enterprise in the state’s most distressed urban areas. CV is coordinated by the Michigan Department of Talent & Economic Development and helps structurally unemployed residents of Flint, Detroit, Saginaw and Pontiac pursue career opportunities in Michigan companies. 

CV eligible Flint and Pontiac residents who are employed with a CV employer receive wrap-around support services through a local service provider, such as OLHSA. As one of the Community Ventures Service Providers for Flint residents working in Livingston County, OLHSA works to diminish employability challenges and provides success coaching.  Some of the supportive services available to participants are: help with transportation, child care and work clothing, tools and equipment.  CV participants will also be given one-on-one mentoring that includes career coaching, soft skills training and hard skills training.

The Community Ventures initiative works with various local partners to connect structurally unemployed eligible participants with full time, permanent jobs that pay a living wage.  Success is tracked for 12 months and the State of Michigan assesses a ROI for each placement.  Community Ventures achieves its goal by providing employer grants, wrap-around services and employer tailored career support.

Livingston employers also have the opportunity to participate in an Employer Resource Network (ERN). ERN’s were designed to respond to concerns of business owners about the retention of their workforces. The ERN creates access and resources for employee success that leads to improved employment retention and lower hiring costs. CV has taken the initiative to launch an ERN in Livingston County and is working with the West Michigan Team, OLHSA, Mott Community College and the Department of Health & Human Services to provide ERN companies with the support they need to achieve success.