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OLHSA's program structure: then and now

As we strive to help the local community, we embrace changes that lead to improvement and help our mission of empowering those in need. Recently we have changed the structure of our services. OLHSA has created eight service lines, each focusing on specific client needs. The service lines include:

Economic Security
Emergency Financial Programs
Emergency Housing

With the service lines came the...

Getting ready for back to school with Livingston Educational Service Agency

The community is getting ready for back to school! The 11th annual Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA) Backpacks for Kids event was held last Thursday. Over a thousand people, including hundreds of children, lined up hours in advance buzzing with excitement to receive backpacks filled with supplies.

 LESA collected almost 1,300 backpacks filled with supplies in preparation for the event. The backpacks were organized...

History lives through new library in Livingston County

Big things are happening in one of our favorite Livingston County small towns.  The Village of Pinckney, which has charmed residents and passers-through alike since 1827, is getting a new, bigger, better library.


Since 1986 the Pinckney Public Library has operated out of a building too small to fit the lofty ambitions of students, book-lovers and community members.  Last summer, with visions of expansion and grand adventures dancing through their dreams,...

Community Action is a team effort

Community Action Agencies across Michigan are coming together and dedicating their efforts to helping people and changing lives, starting with spreading the word. Community Action is all about getting involved in your community, learning its needs and making it better.

Michigan Community Action Agency Association (MCAAA) creates a network for all CAAs in the state dedicated to the same mission. Watch the short video below to learn more about MCAAA’s vision for Community Action in...

The historic 196 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue

OLHSA’s central office in Pontiac on Cesar E. Chavez Ave. wasn’t always home to this Community Action Agency. Founded in 1964 as part President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty, OLHSA was first located in the heart of Pontiac at 1 Lafayette Street, previously the Masonic Temple. It wasn’t until 1973 that OLHSA moved to its current Pontiac location, the historic 196 Cesar E. Chavez. The building is a Pontiac landmark that has been used for everything from manufacturing buggies and early...

The art of collaboration

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

What did this ancient philosopher know that modern day humans continue to prove? When united in a cause or goal, collaborating is powerful and effective.

OLHSA is proud to collaborate with over a hundred other nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses. Our unique blending brings together those with like goals and different resources. We partner daily to accomplish our mission of helping people and changing lives....

Walk for Warmth 2012 Summary: Thank you!

The communities we serve continue to amaze us. Though the tide is slowly turning in metro Detroit, many are still struggling. The neighbors and friends of those who are struggling showed unyielding support this year by participating in or sponsoring OLHSA’s Walk for Warmth events.

The events raised a combined $156,284 towards OLHSA’s Emergency Utility Assistance Program. The funds help those in Oakland and Livingston Counties who are facing heat shut-offs. A mild winter, believe it or...

Help us spread the love.

Becoming a partner with OLHSA and joining the positive change happening right in your community has never been easier.

It surely does not come as a surprise – many people are struggling. Many aren’t sure where their next meal will come from and how they’ll survive one of life’s surprises, like a car repair.

There is hope in community action. OLHSA, your local Community Action Agency, has been serving residents of Oakland and...

A new year ahead of us

We at OLHSA would like to take a moment at the end of the year – a challenging and busy year – to wish our clients, volunteers, supporters, partners, and communities a prosperous and uplifting year ahead. Our hopes lie in the dedication of our staff and the support of our elected officials for 2012. Our efforts to grow relationships, increase our reach in the community and diversify funding are strong and will continue to develop. We will continue to serve the elderly, low-income, and those...


We say, ‘You are welcome’ a lot. We say it to anyone who thanks us for a service or a personal kindness, and we say it later when people thank us for helping them through their need. You’re welcome.

From the bricks and mortar entrance of OLHSA (our Welcome Centers) through the fulfillment process and through our new website, we want you to feel like “You Are Welcome.”

We hope you’ll join us. Visit the space – either online or in person – and see what your local community action...