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Water Residential Assistance Program Success Story- WRAP-around services

"My name is Mae F. Payton; I came to OLHSA back in December of 2018 for help with my water bill. Prior to my appointment, I owed what I considered a lot of money, on my water bill. It appeared that no matter how much money I paid on my water bill it never seemed to help. I had been stressing over not being able to manage my water bill with my current income and disability. I heard about a water program called Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) and decided to call...

Faces of Success: Alisha Holland - Mother, employee, & community spark

Twelve years ago, Alisha found herself in a place where no mother wants to be, needing safety and security for her children and herself.  She had to flee an unsafe domestic situation of violence with her two young kids while pregnant.  With just a backpack of supplies, they took a bus from Detroit back to her home town of Pontiac to make a fresh start.

Alisha had many sleepless nights as she struggled to get back on her feet.  She had constant worry about having shelter...

Grow your career with OLHSA. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Teyona Thompson-Dodson

Teyona Thompson-Dodson, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Grow your career with OLHSA.

I owned a day care several years ago, but closed it when I moved out of state. When I moved back, I enrolled my son in the home-based program through OLHSA Early Head Start. My son is very energetic. His teacher was impressed by how I worked with him. She encouraged me to apply for a teaching position.


I was hesitant at first. I’...

OLHSA changed my life. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Felicia Robinson

Felicia Robinson, Infant/Toddler Teacher

OLHSA changed my life.











I was going to school to study medicine, but I wanted more experience working in an urban area. This teaching job was posted on OLHSA online and seemed like it would be a good opportunity....

This job is a blessing. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Iliana Garcia.

Iliana Garcia, Infant/Toddler Teacher

This job is a blessing.












I have always been a teacher and have worked with children from kindergarten through high school. A couple of years after I moved here from El Salvador, a relative who works at OLHSA told me about the teaching opportunities. I...

I have a career now. Infant/Toddler Teacher: Jessica Espinoza

Jessica Espinoza, Infant/Toddler Teacher

I have a career now.














I started as a parent, worked as a volunteer, then as a classroom aide. Now I’m a teacher. My child’s teacher got me thinking about a career in early childhood education. I wanted to work but was ...

Collaborative from the classroom to the community. OLHSA Head Start Lead Teacher: Alicia Hickner

Alicia Hickner, Lead Teacher

Collaborative from the classroom to the community. 

For as long as I can remember – from babysitting to working in daycare to being a teacher now – I’ve always been drawn to little kids. I'll be in the grocery store and kids will smile and wave at me. It’s funny because it’s almost like they know. They know I’m a teacher.  

I enjoy the challenge of working in early...

Teachers get to be students too. OLHSA Head Start Assistant Teacher: Rafia Ahmed

Rafia Ahmed, Assistant Teacher

Teachers get to be students too.

Earlier in my teaching career, I taught social studies to second graders. I wanted to do something similar here. I have a master’s degree in history, but I couldn’t find a position that would accept my foreign credentials. I began working as a volunteer in a school while I worked on my Child Development Associate degree.


After I received the credential, I...



The Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) will accept public comments as required by the Michigan Department of Human Services CSBG Plan for FY20. Public comments will be accepted on the OLHSA/CSBG FY19 proposed plan from August 20, 2019 through September 3, 2019. 

The plan summary is as follows: 

A total of $1,...

Hugs, smiles and stories are part of the job. OLHSA Head Start Lead Teacher: Nancy Shimel

Nancy Shimel, Head Start Lead Teacher

Hugs, smiles and stories are part of the job.













I was always drawn to early childhood. After seeing my children's experience through their preschool, I thought, “That job looks like it would be really fun,” and I made the...