OLHSA takes action by advocating for opportunity for all people in Oakland and Livingston County. We actively work toward eliminating the impact of institutional "isms" and implicit bias that create barriers to opportunity.

We believe all people should have access to opportunity, live in decency, and with dignity.

OLHSA advocates to ensure that all people: 

  • are prepared for and have access to education
  • have safe, affordable housing of their choice

  • have financial stability to meet needs and build assests

  • have work of their choice at a living wage 

OLHSA supports continuing appropriations for these programs that can lead to thriving communities.

Click on a link to DOWNLOAD our policy paper on each topic.

Federal Advocacy
State Advocacy

Taking Action Against Racism

OLHSA, a Community Action Agency, stands in support of opportunity for all people. Our community members of color have been harshly impacted by health, economic, and long‐existing racial and social disparities. We have heard the personal stories of community members of color having to make tough decisions to survive the pandemic all while continuing to endure racism’s ongoing adverse impacts.

This is the time for change! We urge you to join us in taking action to support individuals impacted by racism in the following ways:

  1. Take personal responsibility for racial equity – get educated on racial equity personally and professionally. 
  2. Be committed to taking action to be an ally for those impacted by bias.
  3. Model racial equity at all times.

View our full statement on racial equity HERE.

Additional reading provideD by community partners:

        Engaging With Grassroot Networks:

        Individuals and organizations alike can find and connect with other non-profits at a local or national level that share a similar mission:

        Your Voice Matters

        • To the government
          From time to time, petitions or letter campaigns will be available to help tell our elected officials about the good work OLHSA's programs do in our communities. Find you local officials HERE.
        • In the community
          Help us raise awareness in the community. Are you passionate about OLHSA? Help us by joining the OLHSA Speaker Bureau. To learn more and get involved, contact us.
        • Telling our stories
          Have you been helped by OLHSA? Would you like to share your story with others? Begin the conversation by telling us how you were helped.