Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides weatherization services to qualified Oakland and Livingston County residents. The program is implemented through the counties we service in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and is designed to help residents live in energy efficient and safe housing. We perform a free energy audit and provide eligible repairs on the home for homeowners and renters.


The home is eligible if it does not require repairs outside of the scope of Weatherization. Services are free to those who qualify. Some eligible repairs installed by certified, licensed and insured contractors can include:
Insulation of attics, walls, and crawl spaces
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector evaluations
Furnace and water heater testing, repair or possible replacement
Refrigerator evaluation
Families and individuals who are interested in having their home weatherized must:
  • Meet current Federal Income Guidelines. Income includes gross income of all home residents at time of application.
  • Be FIP or SSI recipients who have received benefits during any of the past twelve months are automatically income eligible.
  • Reside in Oakland or Livingston County. 
Required Documents
Weatherization applicants need the following documents for their appointments:
  • Proof of home ownership or current signed lease if you are a renter.
  • Proof of all household gross income for 3 months. We cannot use bank or credit union statements as proof of income.
  • Most recent gas and electric bill.
3 Month Household Income Guidelines
Add $2690  for each additional household member.

Learn about the Weatherization Process

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