CERA - COVID Emergency Relief Assistance Posted: May 05, 2021 Updated: August 16, 2021


OLHSA is offering COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) in Oakland and Livingston Counties.

Has COVID-19 made you unable to pay rent and utility? If so, we may be able to help.














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CERA funds help keep low-income residents in their rental units.

  • CERA funds can provide households assitance with arrearages, utility payments, case management, internet stipends, and other supportive services that keep renters stably housed and avoiding homelessness.

In an effort to simplify the application process, clients can apply and upload their information to the following link:

ONLINE PORTAL FOR CERA APPLICATIONS  (https://ceraapp.michigan.gov/)





Tenants living in Household at 80% Area Median Income 


1 Person  

2 Person  

3 Person  

4 Person  

5 Person  

6 Person  

7 Person  

8 Person  


 $   54,950

 $   62,800

 $   70,650

 $   78,500

 $   84,800

 $   91,100 

 $   97,350

 $    103,650











Documents Needed for CERA Applications: 

¨ Completed CERA Tenant application. 

¨ Copy of past-due rent notice, a notice to quitor a court ordered summons, complaint or judgement. 

¨ Copy of state ID/passport for tenant applicant (proof of residency needed if address doesn’t match unit). 

¨ Most current copy of lease agreement in tenant's name (if a written lease was completed). 

¨ Provide all proof of earned and unearned income for household members that live at the property and that are over the age of 18. 

¨ Household income/benefits (unemployment, SSI, etc.) for one month, OR 

¨ Copy of submitted 2020 IRS form 1040 (first two pages) OR 

¨ Food Assistance Program Notice of Case Action form (applies to households of 3 or less). 

¨ Copy of ALL utility statements the tenant is responsible for, if applicable. 

¨ Copy of Internet bill/statement, if applicable. 


For additional OLHSA, CAA support, please call (248)209-2600 or email info@olhsa.org.