Special Notice

OLHSA is currently providing virtual services, please call (248)209-2600 for assistance

Per Governor Whitmer's Executive Order (EO 20-21), OLHSA is designating the following employees as minimum basic operations staff or critical infrastructure workers due to our work that "provides food, shelter and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals, individuals who need assistance as a result of this emergency, and people with disabilities."(EO20-21, 9d).

Minimum basic operations employees are: Harding, Susan; Blake, Charles; Clements, Ralph; Dowe II, Samuel; Michaud, Bradley; Pagen, William (Bill); Vihonsky, Christopher; Zeigler, Heather; Flanery, Kathryn; Buchanan, Sherry; Goldston, Erica; Smith, Janice;

Critical Infrastructure employees are: Aquino, China; Curts, Angela; Krys, Allison; Madzik, Julie; Martinez, Monica; Richardson, Scott; Wright, Madelyne; Bates, Barbara; Tyler, Janet; Delao, Iris; Santiago, Tracey; Boone, Karen; Grubbs, Nicole; Rickman, Valerie; Abcumby, Sharon; Wright, Phyllis; Hammond, James; Andriaschko, Jolene; Green, Stacy; Schiffelbine, Vanessa; Haynes, Jonathon; Jackson, Barbara; Symons, Douglas; Kosinski, David; Roberts, Karina; Lindson, Susan; Higgins, Tim; Sparks, Danielle; Smith, Aurora; Draper, Sana; Grant, Alexandria; Tan, Joanne; Xi, Jonathon; Powell, Patricia; Parker, Cassandra


Welcome to OLHSA

Empowering people to succeed has been at the heart of OLHSA, A Community Action Agency, since 1964.

We work with residents of all ages in Oakland and Livingston Counties to create meaningful change and real opportunities for success. OLHSA (Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency) is a 501(c)(3) and we rely on private donations, grants, federal, local and state funding to fuel our mission. We help people and change lives every day. Are you or a loved one facing challenges? We Can Help. Are you passionate about giving back? Help Us by donating, advocating, or volunteering.

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Community Needs Assessment 2018

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