OLHSA has tremendous opportunities for volunteers who want to give back to their communities and often to see the results of their efforts immediately.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Paying it forward, and then some

Tammy Shire, a divorced single mother of three teenagers, had been struggling financially for over ten years. When she was laid off from her construction management job the downward spiral accelerated and she lost her home to foreclosure. Desperate for help, Tammy found the OLHSA Livingston County office in Howell and we helped her enroll in the HPRP Rapid Rehousing Program. Through this program Tammy is able to receive financial assistance that has helped her family to move into a rental home and avoid homelessness, even allowing her children to stay in the same school.

As her situation improved, Tammy vowed she would pay her assistance forward. She has followed through by recruiting local support for the 2010 Walk for Warmth, which raises funds to help people facing heating emergencies. She brought her own team to walk at the event and provided on-site help. Tammy has also helped organize group case management classes for OLHSA’s homeless clients, coordinate a Saturday Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) site, and she provides administrative support for OLHSA’s Guardianship Program.

Tammy faced what could have been a devastating situation for her family and has emerged with renewed hope and a strong plan for the future. Not only does she appreciate the help she has been given, she is actively giving back to the community and teaching her children to do the same. Tammy truly is a shining example of the reason why OLHSA provides help to those in need.

“You are the angel that wrapped its wings around us and set me on a course of recovery and success,” said Tammy.